YWAM Catalina’s Vision:

YWAM Ships Green & Wild will impart a passion and understanding for God’s creation. Students will Discover and Develop their identity, gifts and strengths as they are prepared and Deployed to impact communities, thereby fulfilling their Destiny.

Video: YWAM Catalina outreach to the hill tribes of northern Thailand, March 2016.

Who are we?

We are an non-profit educational institution with over 25 years of experience teaching marine biology, oceanography, and environmental sciences. We work alongside YWAM Ships to provide a quality DTS program on the ocean in the southern California area.
In addition to your YWAM discipleship training, you will have the opportunity to earn various U of N verified certifications in teaching environmental education, marine science and oceanography.

What you will learn:

  • YWAM Discipleship Training
  • Lifeguard Certification
  • Maritime Training
  • Crew Certifications
  • Environmental Education Training

Our Next DTS Dates: Oct 16th – Jan 12th (lecture phase), Jan 15th – March 26th (outreach phase)

GREEN & WILD Discipleship Training School Costs:

Lecture Phase:
Room and Board is $175 per Week ($2450)
Tuition and Books: $1000

Outreach Phase:
Option 1: Cambodia & Thailand $2700 – $3200 (depending on airfare)
Option 2: Mexico $2500


“Here at YWAM Catalina we are a tight knit community with roots extending toward the community at large. We help out at a church here on the island doing work projects to make it cleaner and more peaceful, allowing the community to come and relax. As we do work projects that bring us closer and ever more alert to the people around us. It’s a group living situation, like college only better. As a team we build each other up. As an individual we grow in Christ through his love and word. Classes are always exciting and fun. It’s an interactive learning class. Our trips and fun time include talking with the locals, exploring areas around the island, hiking scenic trails and sailing the ocean on our sailboat. This is a DTS I’d recommend to anyone.

God Bless,
Chase Allan”