Cambodia Outreach

1452310_1549311175352470_884850100532115495_nWe will be working with XP Ministries in efforts to end the atrocities of human trafficking. This will give you the opportunity to make a huge impact in the lives of the children of the world who are in the most dire need. These children face not only severe poverty but also the constant threat of human trafficking. Being a part of a mission like this gives you the chance to be a powerful presence of love and hope in someone’s life, as they equally and just as powerfully impact your heart, as well.

Details about the Cambodia Outreach:

Work with the children in the impoverished areas, educate about unjust situations, help with microbusinesses such as aquaponics to break poverty. Become a true “world changer”!

Northern Thailand Outreach

We will be pioneering in missions to work with the Hill Tribes of Thailand, north of Chiang Mai, that are in need of encouragement. Long ago they came to the Lord and have been without a pastor since. They are all excited to hear of our coming out there! We hope to come alongside of them and lift up their spirits!

Details about the northern Thailand Outreach:

Working with uplifting the community, playing games with the children and encouraging each individual in ways to develop a personal relationship with Christ.

Baja Mexico Mission

10896970_1536253779991543_6838351934874997852_nWe will be working in Baja building homes for the poor, educating on stewardship, and setting up aquaponics. We will also be bringing light to the dark areas of injustice in Mexico.